Colin Keyes

Colin Keyes is from London, UK. He was born in 1943, is married and has two children.

He has a degree Sociology and a professional Social Work qualification. In England he worked as a Social Worker and gained experience in casework and running day centers for the elderly, aftercare hostels for the mentally ill and a care facility for heavy-nursing individuals.

Colin came to live in Israel in 1977 and worked continuously as a municipal social worker for the elderly until retirement in 2010. Says Colin: “In the course of my work I became disillusioned with mainstream social work at both government and local level for its lack of material and financial resources and what I saw as its indifference to poverty and deprivation. I therefore devoted myself to trying to mobilize and distribute resources via benefactors in the community in order to address the issue.”

After official retirement I opened a private social work agency and specialize in the care of chronically sick English speaking elderly in part acting a liaison between them and their children who live overseas.

In addition, I have been involved for many years in a project purchasing and distributing food to children from families referred to me by social workers and financed by a local charity.

Netanya Organization Helps the Needy

Netanya Organization Helps the Needy

by Colin Keyes

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