Emily Levy-Shochat

Born and raised in Liberty, New York, Emily and her husband Jack made aliyah from Boston over 40 years ago. Emily trained in Jewish Communal Service at the Hornstein Program at Brandeis University and began her professional career with the Jewish Community Centers of Boston.

Over the years she devoted volunteer time as a member of the steering committee for a Leadership Training Program for Early Childhood Professionals in the Arab Community, the Chairperson of Hod vHadar Masorti Congregation in Kfar Saba, the board of Keren TALI, and as the first elected Chairperson of the National Parent Committee of TALI Schools.

After completing over four years as the Chairperson of the Masorti Movement in 2014, Emily serves as Chairperson of the Jewish Pluralism Watch, an online institute of the Masorti Movement which lobbies, monitors and publicizes political activity of

Knesset members in regard to issues of religion and state in Israel. Emily is also an active member of the Boards of Mercaz Olami, the Israel Association of Ethiopian Jewry and Agudat Adi for the promotion of organ donations.

Emily is an avid member of the ESRA Raanana Scrabble Club. In her spare time, she gardens, does "things around the house" and, most importantly, "grandparents”.

That Takes the Biscuit

That Takes the Biscuit

by Emily Levy-Shochat

A beloved bakery in Jerusalem shuts down, marking the more ...
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