A group of students from the Carmel School in Perth, Australia, decided to do their outreach community project for the benefit of Esra's Ethiopian Embroidery Project. They were inspired to do this by Joanne Rosen a very active volunteer and editor of our Esra Works booklet, who has returned to live in Perth.

The teenagers were so very creative in their efforts and the results have been amazing. They built a website to inform the community about our project and published information in their school bulletin.

They took orders for kippot, tote bags, and mezzuzot. Each order was followed with specific details including color combinations. They really worked hard at pleasing their customers.

The sales were followed by a raffle draw, a barbeque and a splendid event at which an Israeli film was shown. In addition, an order of 50 kippot was taken for a barmitzvah held in early October.

The Esra Embroidery Project benefited greatly from the efforts of Dean and his friends, as they raised almost 2,000 Australian dollars. We thank Joanne for her participation and serving as the go-between in sending the funds to us.

We hope this project serves as a model for students at schools in other parts of the world and that it creates excitement pleasure and highlights the importance of giving to others.

I have written to Dean to thank him on behalf of all of us, and look forward to meeting him here one day soon.

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