English Story Hour in Modiin Mall

At the initiative of one of our active committee members, Flori Cohen, ESRA Modiin had the honor of hosting Avinoam Lourie, wildlife zoologist, Head of the Wild Animal Protection Sector of the Nature Reserves Authority and Director of Hai Bar Carmel. He first visited Neve ESRA, our afternoon care center for children at risk. Usually jumping jacks with endless energy, the children and other younger guests sat absolutely still for an hour with rapt attention, listening to Avinoam regale them with fascinating tidbits of life in the wild and his personal experiences with bears, tigers, jackals, et al.

After this, since our English Story Hour was taking place in the Mall, Avinoam gallantly agreed to share some of his stories for the younger ‘uns. This was an unexpected treat for the toddlers and small children who gathered around to hear.

The afternoon was capped by an evening appearance for our supporters, where Avinoam’s presentation ranged from exciting to hilarious, and from dangerous to just plain meshuggah, such as when an injured young bear cub needed warmth and treatment throughout the night, it spent the night in the Lourie’s bed to the disdain of the Mrs.

Author of A Bear in My Bed and a Jackal in My Oven and former long-time head of the Haifa Zoo, Avinoam, a sprightly retiree over 70, still lectures all over the world and is regularly invited to consult and advise. His visit to Modiin was highly successful not only for its content and impact, but also in terms of turnout - ESRA Modiin welcomed one of its largest ever audiences that evening.

Thank You, Avinoam! 

Cynthia Barmor is Co-Chair, ESRA Modiin.

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