Presenting a conversation of the future

“Carly, I would like to go to Lod at 16:00. Use MAZE and get me a time estimate. Collect me in front of the house when we have to leave. Have enough gas to go to Lod and back with a possible side excursion to Tel Aviv on the return trip.”

“Yes MML1. I have enough fuel. The tires are scheduled to be checked for air pressure including the spare.”

“Not today Carly but keep it on the agenda. Excuse me, but my phone is ringing. Get back to me with the precise departure time.”

“MML1, this is Sari. I heard your discussion with Carly and checked your calendar. If you’re to make your dinner date at 20:00, it’s not advisable to stop in Tel Aviv on the return trip.” 

“Sari, I told Carly to use MAZE rather than WAZE as the gender specific male directions in MAZE will provide a shorter travel time.”

“What’s that? Alexi? You overheard Sari? I know you’re planning to turn on the microwave at 19:00. I know we were planning dinner at home. When I want to change your program, I’ll inform you directly. Don’t be so pushy!”

“Alexi! What are you doing with the locks and the lights? Why are you closing all the shutters? I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. Please put the air conditioner back on”.

Index of Code names


Autonomous self-driving car


WAZE with gender sensitivity


Homeowner’s code


Automated personal assistant


Smart Home control system

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