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Our Olim Coffee Group met during the Succoth holiday at the beautiful home in Raanana of one of our members, Sandy Kaye, a new immigrant from America who hosted this get-together. Committee members met with the new immigrants and told them about the work of ESRA including the volunteering projects and social activities, so that we can help new immigrants to make friends and to facilitate their settling down in a new environment.

Sandy gave a short talk on the nature of Succoth and we all enjoyed refreshments as the sun set over her lovely garden. We would like thank Sandy for her hospitality.

The group was created a few months ago, with ESRA’s help, by Jennifer Bell and Linda Epstein. Jennifer has been in Israel for thirty years and Linda for three years and together they are able to give immigrants the benefit of their own experiences. Coming to a new country can be very unsettling, especially when you don’t have resources from past experience to fall back on. For example, Francis Greenberg, a very new immigrant, has just arrived from Pittsburg, USA. She was on the Exodus ship 61 years ago which was unable to come to Israel and ended up in America. Finding it difficult to settle down and make new friends she came to our Succoth get-together and one of her wishes was to go to an American-style book club here in Raanana where she lives. On December 14 we held our introductory meeting and Francis hosted the first book discussion at her home on January 11. Our Olim group meets every four to six weeks and any new or not so new immigrant is welcome.

Please contact Linda 054 780 5290 or Jennifer 052 434 1284 for more information.



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