Spend, spend spend: it just doesn’t add up

The phrase “spending more than you can afford” had not yet been invented when I was young. This is a sentence I picked up from a comedy program on TV – and how true it is today. How many of our private financial problems start with this phrase? Or maybe I am mistaken and the trouble is that today we can no longer add up and multiply mentally. So now we can again blame someone else, and whom? Very simply, our mathematic teachers.

As a child, I remember the whole class repeating together: one two is two, two two’s are four and so on right up to twelve times twelve are one hundred and forty-four. Today in the supermarket, the young cashiers are often surprised that when I check my bill, I can quite easily add, multiply and subtract without using a calculator. One other factor is significant:  there were no credit cards when I was young!

Three Days' Grace if you lose your your credit card

If you have lost or mislaid your credit card, you can cancel it temporarily in the first instance for 3 days, and if you do not find it and reinstate it in that period of time, then automatically it will be cancelled permanently. A new credit card will be issued within two weeks, and will automatically be sent to you directly. This is information I received from Visa Leumi. I suggest you check this out with your own credit card company.

Telephone researcher? Don’t bother calling

I am approached quite often by telephone “investigators” saying that they are carrying out researches for various companies or institutions, and I have always participated quite willingly. However, the more I have become aware that anyone telephoning me has been able to obtain not only my name and phone number, but also my address and probably my ID number and other personal information, I have decided to stop participating in these “researches”. What disturbs me in particular is when I am asked my age and the number of people in the household, to which I usually only reply “senior citizen”. Some of these “investigators” also ask what income bracket we belong to!

I can hardly contain myself – aluminium is wonderful!

I have some excellent enamel oven dishes which I have used for years.  Cleaning the enamel after oven use is not always the easiest of tasks. I regretfully moved over to aluminum oven containers and this has been one of the best changes I made. I use the thinner ones doubled, however I reuse the one underneath as long as it remains reasonably clean, as an extra support. Although aluminum is very hot when you remove it from the oven (for example when you check to see if the food is sufficiently cooked), aluminum cools down very quickly and it is easy to return to the hot oven.

I also try to reuse any aluminum containers that I get if I bring a “doggie bag” back from a restaurant.

I find the packages of these containers expensive at most of the supermarkets and I try to buy a big quantity at a time from one of the specialist shops that sell one-time aluminum and other plastic goods.

At IKEA, I bought two tiny soft animal toys for NIS 5 each, which I use as pin cushions. I keep at least a couple of threaded needles, usually black and white, pinned on the cushions for emergency use.

Who has time for threading a needle when you are in a hurry and that important button comes off just as you have finished dressing?

Doctor, no . . . and tell us all you know

I recently wanted to check on the Internet a doctor’s name and his background. I was impressed with what I read until I realized that I had no way of knowing the date when this information had been put out or how credible it was.

A leaflet I received recently from a government body in the U.K. had the following sentence under a separate paragraph:

If you are not sure if we need to know something, tell us anyway”.

I definitely recommend that our government follow this concept; it should save them a lot of trouble and time wasted in court!



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