Don’t lose your balance over prepaid gift cards

If you use a prepaid Gift Card, double-check the balance before throwing the card away.  At one of the supermarkets, I can purchase their prepaid “credit” card twice a year with a reduction of 7% on the purchase of the card, as my husband is a lawyer.  Recently when using this card to pay for my purchases, I was told that it was empty already and it was thrown away.  I paid my bill with my normal credit card.  However, I asked for the Gift Card back because once in the past I had been told the same, and found when I tried to use that card for a later purchase, that there was still a small sum left on the card. On this occasion when I went to the main counter and asked for the card to be double-checked for the last sum used, I found that there was still NIS 222 on the card!

A hot potato: Why do they cost more than fruit?

How come that potatoes, one of the most stable items in our menu, are often more expensive than fruit?  I sometimes have to pay NIS 5.90 a kilo for potatoes, at the same time as the price of clementines is only NIS 4.90 and oranges are offered at 3 kg for NIS 10. I am finding lately that the potatoes start to sprout very quickly whether I keep them in the refrigerator or in my open vegetable container.

This was an offer I could refuse

In our weekend newspaper recently, Home Center had a full-page advert of many items, including an oil for wood which we use externally, priced at NIS 239.90.  However, to buy this at their special sale price of NIS 199.90, I had to buy something else for a minimum of NIS 50.  Maybe someone should teach their computer mathematics.


Does anyone know where the sock fairy lives today?  My washing goes out on a line outside my window and immediately below is a grass area in my garden.  I hang out the socks in pairs, and put them in my husband's sock drawer as pairs.  So, how does it end up that he has 13 odd socks?


In the summer most of my leather sandals are in light colors, beige, white, cream etc.  Finding colored polish for these shoes has become a problem, and I recently tried out the dyes that my shoe repairer sells and found them to be quite a good replacement.

Ask for insurance policy to be posted

I recently renewed the insurance on my home.  A few minutes later I found mail on my computer from my insurance agent with two attachments, comprising 45 pages in all!  This is apparently the new method of mailing – however, they will now be sending the policy by post.  Worthwhile asking for this at the same time of the renewal.

Why I can’t handle these kitchen utensils any more

I have trouble understanding why most of the new saucepans and many other kitchen utensils have such long and big handles and big knobs on the lids.  Most of these items are kept in a drawer or shelf in the kitchen and take up extra space.  I use as a kitchen sieve an aluminum sieve from which both side handles have been removed, making it very easy to fit into any large saucepan or other round container in the drawer.

They’ve got my number – but only the cell phone

Why does everyone ask only for the number of my cellular phone?  I ring Bezeq about a problem on one of my Bezeq land-line phones and they ask me for my cellular phone number! What happens to those people - and there are many - who do not have cellular phones?

Sky’s the limit . . .

An interesting item on Sky News on TV recently: “Best friend ban in schools -  obsessive friendship not fair on other children”. I leave you to think about it.

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Siri, Eilat
"They’ve got my number–but only the cell phone" Companies ask for mobile numbers for three reasons: a) You may be reached anywhere/when, b) in case the call disconnects, and c) for their database. Today many Israelis only have mobile service, deeming landlines expensive and obsolete. You DON'T have to give it; just stonewall or say you don't have one. I used to reply "Why? I'm not married to my mobile!" :)
Gordon Bloch
They've got my number. the reason you are veing requested to give your cell number is because you will be added to lists whereby you will receive all types of advertising, yes, on you cell phone. I have a spare phone so I give that number but in many cases simply give a fictitious number! I am sick and tired of receiving messages from my country club that I left 3 years ago, or for loans etc etc.
Gordon Bloch
Re : ask for insurance policy to be posted. My insurance broker sends me an email of confirmation followed up the policy by mail. Thats the way to do it.

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