A rare human being

I have sent in articles to your magazine in the past and each time I do I feel so good because I know I am reaching out to others who may need help about subjects not always discussed with friends.

I recently wrote an article about a haven for children from broken homes and through my sad journey not only did I meet wonderful people but I needed a lawyer.... not just any lawyer as this concerned little children. I needed someone very rare and I asked around but nobody fitted my picture. Through my visits to this children’s haven in Haifa I heard about a very unusual man. I made an appointment with him but had no expectations. The day was Tuesday...the place was Tel Aviv as it was more convenient for me than Haifa (this was his suggestion). I was expecting a man in a suit with the air that lawyers carry when suddenly someone called my name. I looked up thinking to myself this could not be him. This man was the gentlest, kindest man I have ever seen. He was soft-spoken yet very confident. I cannot remember ever meeting someone who touched my soul as he did. He felt my pain as if it were his. My older daughter was with me and she felt the same way. It was as if he were sent to us through a magical wave of a mysterious hand. Over time I have met many lawyers for different issues but never ever anyone like Ziv Gruber. I know that Ziv is known for some cases in Israel but I wonder if he is known as the genuine caring person he is. We were like a tiny army and he was our leader. He gave us (and still does) his total support...returns all calls on time...a word is a word...he has never once failed to be where he said he would be or to give us the information needed at all times. He always makes sure we feel confident and has succeeded in making sure that our wishes be met. In my wildest dreams I never knew there was an attorney like this in the world.

So many lawyers are known for just working off the misery of others by taking fortunes of money and never getting results. Ziv is in a category of his own for making sure justice is done and fighting till the end and caring about his clients. Not a day goes by that my family and I do not bless him.

 If I have helped anyone here and you need any more information please feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you. I am not advertising for Ziv but he is a rare human being and a good example of what one should be. Please be sure that if you do contact me, it will be totally confidential. G-d bless you Ziv Gruber for the little children you are keeping in my life.

Arlene Ben-Zur


FCCI thanks Esra!

Thank you for printing "Free Community College in Israel" (Esra Magazine #140), including our request for more volunteers. I received a very good response and a lot of helpful suggestions (some of which have been passed on to educational leaders in Israel).

Although some responders were disappointed that we aren't yet at a point of building an actual community college in Israel, there is a lot of progress, I believe, in being a catalyst for life-long available post-secondary education in Israel for all citizens.

Peter Shmuel Levitt, Netanya

050 729 3755 shmooeilat@hotmail.com; President, FCCI


HOT withdrawing CNN 

I heard about the Esra organization many times and when I entered the organization's website I was even more impressed to read about all your community activities.

I read on the internet a few weeks ago about a matter I find most concerning. I read that "Hot" cable network has decided to cancel the CNN channel which is an important channel to all the people in Israel but mainly to people who live here whose mother tongue is English, people from the US and Canada who want to be in contact with everything that’s happening in their former country.

As you can see (thanks to my "good" English) I’m not an English speaker. I was born and raised in Israel, but I think people who live abroad need to know that they can live in Israel but at the same time have a connection to their former home.

I thought it was important to draw your attention to that matter,

I attach the article which was published in Globes website.


Shiry Mayer


How I get my wonderful Esra Magazine

As fairly new "deliverers" of the Esra Magazine, my husband Yitz and I are still developing our "system".

He drives from point to point with the magazines while I make my way to, from, up, down and round about various buildings to find the correct mailboxes of the mostly unknown recipients.

Coming to the end of the Rosh Hashana delivery, I noticed a lady standing at the entrance to a building and hesitantly asked, "Mrs. Edelman?” It was she, and what a reaction! "At last," she said, "I have discovered how I get my wonderful Esra Magazine." We hugged and kissed, wished each other Shana Tova and both felt like a million dollars.

Ruth Greenwald, Givatayim.


Thank you Esra Community Fund

  1. For your help in paying for driving lessons for Avi R. – it has helped in the progress of the entire family.
    Iris Inbas, Social worker, Rosh Ha’ayin
  2. For helping me buy a hearing aid which I needed so much. Now I am feeling better, like any other healthy person.
    Victoria P., Ashdod
  3. For contributing towards the activities of the Herzliya Center for Family Peace. The cooperation between the Center and Esra is welcome and enables us to carry out and develop services in the treatment of family violence.
    Sarit Kortz, Director of Herzliya Center for Family Peace


Thank you to Geeta Gariby

I would like to say a big thank you to Geeta Gariby for all the assistance she gave me in coordinating the distribution of the Esra Magazine. She was a great help and was especially amazing on magazine packing day. She saw to it that everyone had magazines to label and then schlepped and arranged the bundles. She had so much energy.

We wish her and her husband safe and enjoyable travelling around the world.

Welcome and my thanks to Bernice Meyers who has agreed to replace Geeta. I am sure she will be a great asset to Esra.

Rika Meyerowitz, Coordinator Esra Magazine distribution


Tutoring English in Or Akiva

Our school, ‘The Ulpanit School for Girls’ in Or Akiva has been truly blessed to have a most incredible group of volunteers working with us. The vast majority of girls or their parents were born in the Caucuses. They come from a low socio-economic level – with all that that entails. The Esra Caesarea group, arranged by Jane Krivine, visits our girls on a regular basis to help with both their oral and written English. Our oral bagrut results were way beyond our expectations largely due to these wonderful people and their dedication.

Through Esra, they arranged an amazing donation to cover electrical equipment including a radio/CD/cassette player, a DVD/video player and a television, all for the use of our English department. This will make such a difference to our lessons and will help to raise the standards. It has also given a tremendous boost to the girls to know how much Esra cares.

Thank you so much Esra and especially thanks to Jane and the Caesarea volunteers.

Roz Jacobs, Head of English, Or Akiva



We apologise for inadvertently omitting the following donors in New Year greetings 2007 in Magazine 141: Jeanette & Raymond Cannon; Joan & Shimshon Frankenthal; Jackie & Lawrence Freedman; Kay & David Golding; Adele & Michael Hunter; Brenda & Dan Sender.



In the article Insurance matters of interest (Magazine 141 page 72) "Director's Insurance" should have read "Managers Insurance (Bituach Menahalim)".


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