Thank you Stella Vilozny

I would like to thank Stella Vilozny for all her efforts in reviving the ESRA English for Schools program in Herzliya over the last few years. The program there was waning and Stella stepped in and got it back on its feet. Not an easy task, but she did it with dedication.

She will be missed by me and by others in the program.

Before volunteering for ESRA, Stella had a long career with Wizo, where she was also loved, appreciated and respected.

Stella, thank you.

Gill Teicher

ESRA English for Schools in Israel


Mosquito problems

As a sort of answer to the article in your last edition – I wish to reveal a secret weapon against the mosquito.

A close look at this tiny monster reveals his Achilles heel (heels?) – he has an extremely fragile body.  In fact, a modest blast of air will shatter him completely. 

Some years ago I was on telephone duty at an army camp.  It was a hot night, so before making myself comfortable on the floor near the telephone I took a small metal-blade fan and placed it so that the air-stream would just miss my nose on its way down to my feet.

When I awoke it was daylight, and thick clusters of dead mosquitoes were lying all around me.  It seems that, smelling blood, they had dived down, been caught in the air stream, and their bodies shattered. 

I didn’t have even one bite.

Mike Porter

Tel Aviv


Marvelous cover

The Sept.- Nov. issue of ESRA is absolutely beautiful. The cover shot is marvelous. We enjoy all the articles. Merle, you have every reason to be proud.

Helene & Murray Cohen

New York, USA


More by Morgenstern

I have read Joseph Morgenstern's article in the ESRA Magazine (# 151, Sept/Oct/Nov 2009 pgs. 22-24) and enjoyed it very much. I have been a constant reader of his monthly newsletter on Israel HIgh Tech for more than 25 years, and I have always found his writings extremely interesting, stimulating and educational. I would very much like to read more by him in your magazine, and I feel that making him a regular contributor would attract a great deal more attention to your magazine.

Dov Bar-Ner



My breath was taken away

I just got my new copy of the ESRA Magazine #151. When I saw the cover and opened it to the articles, my breath was taken away. What gorgeous, professional graphics! This is definitely another step up to an international level quality production.


Just beautiful. Wow.

Jennia Chodorov



Patrick Geddes article

I liked the article very much; it was easy to read, interesting and informative. (ESRA #151, Sept/Oct/Nov 2009, pgs 28-30).

Mike Shalit

Hod Hasharon


Remembering ESRA’s 1st 2nd hand shops

The opening of ESRA’s Netanya shop after the successful shops in Raanana and Kfar Saba, reminds me of our first ESRA shop in the ex-Hamashbir L'Tzarkan basement in Ahuza Street, in cooperation with the Raanana municipality.  We got off the ground in no time at all to help the first new immigrants from the former Soviet Union.  Then Mayor  Zeev Bielski, now a member of the Knesset and former head of the Jewish Agency, lent his help.

At approximately the same time I opened another ESRA shop in Neve Sharett, Tel Aviv, where a great many immigrants from the FSU were living.  This shop provided needed clothing and small appliances to all those in need.  It also gave an opportunity to Russian immigrants, who helped in the shop with great enthusiasm, to integrate into Israeli society.

Meira Applebaum

Kochav Yair


Scholarships for students

Thank you ESRA Community Fund for the scholarships for two students from Ethiopia, 1000 shekels each, who are studying in the mediation program at the Ruppin Academic Center. Your important donation will help the students cope with their very difficult financial situations.

Dr. Rami Klein

Dean of the Students

Ruppin Academic Center


Well done to the ESRA Hadar team

I've just come back from the talk given by Freda Keet at Moshav Yanuv, and WOW, it was a great evening. Freda Keet is an outstanding speaker and I knew we wouldn't be disappointed. She gave a riveting talk and several times the audience urged her to continue as she tried to bring her talk to a close.
I love the open and friendly atmosphere at ESRA events; everyone seems to come in such a sociable mood. It's great to meet up with old friends and make new acquaintances. What with the coffee and homemade cake thrown in, it's the best bargain in town!
Well done to the ESRA Hadar team!
Candy Shinaar

Emek Hefer






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