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Nearly everyone has a computer these days and is able to use email and so keep in touch with friends and family everywhere. Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives; every business has one and every business has a website. At the press of a computer button, one can obtain immediate information about literally everything.


While machines are extensions of our limbs, computers have become extensions of our brain. How important therefore to know more about how they work and what they can do. The Esra Computer Club was formed more than a year ago, and has had lectures on a wide range of subjects from use of the camera and the computer to managing and backing up files, and even a session on robotics.


The club does not aim to teach members how to use a computer and does not cater to electronic experts or programmers. Rather, it steers a happy medium between these two poles, and always strives to hold interesting meetings. These are held once a month on the third Sunday of each month in the congenial atmosphere of Beth Protea retirement home with the added advantage of comfortable seating, a computer projector screen, and welcome refreshments after the meetings.


The program for the rest of 2008 includes lectures by leading experts in their fields on building and managing websites and also on home networks and internet security.


An impressive membership has built up over the year, and if the program attracts you, why not come along to one of the meetings.


Admission is Nis 40 per meeting payable at the door, and registration can be obtained by phoning Ingrid at the Esra Office at 09 950 8371

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