By Barry Shaw, 317pp. Turbo Publishing. $19.
Barry Shaw’s impassioned book is a defence of Israel and a plea for readers to understand the true Israel narrative. 
To whom is this book addressed? In his opening statement it appears that Shaw is preaching to
the converted:  readers who agree with him and share his opinions are invited to read on, while those who don’t care about this vital issue are asked to “close this book and read something shallow and meaningless.”
How then, does Shaw hope to influence the opinions of those who differ from him or are
ignorant of the true facts: that the Palestinian narrative is a lie and a myth perpetuated  by the 
ugly truth that dares not speak its name: anti-Israel is anti-semitism in disguise.
The mythical Palestine Narrative as revealed by Shaw is composed of many obvious falsehoods
that have been regurgitated so many times they are taken for fact.  These are weapons used on  podiums, by academia, the media and the pulpits to delegitimize, criticize, condemn and even question Israel’s right to exist.
Shaw tackles the issues bluntly and vigorously, from the attempts of the BDS (Boycott,
Divestment, Sanctions) by well-meaning but naïve persons to distortion by its enemies when
Israel attempts to defend itself, using such terms as “disproportionate force,” even when presented with the actual facts.   The author suggests that if these well-meaning people
really want to boycott Israeli goods, they should divest themselves of all their technologically
advanced communication devices,  revolutionary medical treatments, security systems and scientific  research  programs  designed, developed and produced in Israel and benefitting millions like themselves around the world.
The author uses the powerful tools of historical truths to document the Jewish presence many
thousands of years ago and quotes  the rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel,  from the
Balfour Declaration through to the 1948 UN vote according Israel statehood among the international communities.
The book recounts Israel’s roots to the land from pre-Biblical times, which the Palestinian narrative denies while basing its own connection to the land on claims that they were present centuries ago, one of the many blatant lies exposed by Shaw.
In a stunning exposure of how facts are distorted and integrated into the Palestinian narrative,
Shaw points to a reversal of the accepted Palestinian myth, positing the query, "Is Jordan
Palestine?" since Jordan was carved out of a Palestine that should have been given to the Jews according to the League of Nations resolution in 1922.  Significant numbers of Palestinians live in Jordan and most, who live in Gaza and other places, have tens of thousands of relatives living in Jordan. He further reminds the nay-sayers that Gaza has not been occupied by Israel since 2005, but is ruled by the terrorist organization Hamas. He goes on to expose the fiction that the Flotilla passengers were bringing humanitarian goods to Gaza, but instead were intent on creating unrest and upheaval. 
Witness the fact that some of them flew into Israel by plane (no cement bags or tractors in their
baggage). There is no shortage of foods or materials in Gaza. The humanitarians would be well advised to bring much needed food and medicines to the people of Africa who are dying of hunger and disease. 
Another myth laid bare is:  “Israel is responsible for all the ills in the Arab world”… but the Arab spring tells us otherwise where the people are fighting to rid themselves of the despots – no Israel connection there!
To those people who wish to ignore Shaw’s admonition “setting his book aside and reading
something meaningless”, reading this work will illuminate the Israeli narrative through the prism of his perspective. 
Rolly King Kohansky, formerly of Canada, has worked as a radio, TV, and print copywriter for high profile clients.

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Rolly King Kohansky was born and educated in Montreal, Canada. She worked as a Radio, TV, and Print Copywriter for a number of high profile clients. She came to live in Israel in 1969 where she contin...

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