Lt to rt: Joanne Grozovski, Rhona Kruger, Meira Appelbaum, editor of Meatless Meals.

Photo by Audrey Goodman.

What in the world would bring 75 Esra men and women out on one of the hottest days of the summer?  It was hard to believe but Beit Fisher was packed “tighter than a tin can”.  Only it wasn't Beit Fisher.  It was a dream of a "Parisian Cafe" decorated in soft shades of blue, white and yellow.  The 15 tables were cleverly set with canary yellow plates, blue cups tucked inside with triangles of white, blue patterned and yellow napkins resting on two tablecloths of blue and yellow print.  The centerpieces - woven branches made into cups trimmed with blue ribbons – were filled with herbs freshly picked from family gardens.  The room was perfumed with rosemary, bay leaves, basil and limonite,  all of which created a delightful aroma. Each table held a large pitcher of ice water seasoned with fresh lemon and freshly picked mint.  Even the drapes were decorated with pictures of English teas.  Our long two sided serving table groaned under the weight of 21 original recipes cooked by our members from recipes donated by our members.  The centrepiece, a gold straw basket, was filled with fresh vegetables in all shades of colors.  Sunflowers smiled from huge vases standing around the room. 


Our new chairman, Debby Lieberman, opened our program with a warm welcome.  She thanked Meira Applebaum who organized this event and edited the cookbook.  She paid a  special tribute to Joanne Grozovski who will be returning to Australia, for the many services she has contributed to Esra.

Meira spoke about how this cookbook was created and thanked her entire committee for their many months of volunteering.  She showed how the contents reflect many types of vegetarian cooking in a simple, easy fashion for healthy eating.  She explained how the Index will help cooks define what to do with specific vegetables. 

Meira introduced our speaker, Rona Kruger.  Rona regaled us with stories, information, health ideas and general knowledge, all in the spirit of laughter. She make us feel wonderful while educating us in how to live healthy lives.

Guests were invited to taste the many dishes identified by name plates and our loaded table was quickly emptied. Fresh fruit of the season was served for dessert. 

Meira picked up "this is really delicious" phrases at all the tables.  That's what she wanted to hear! 

The cookbook which is on sale at all Esra offices for the low price of only NIS 50 is organized in an easy fashion for all cooks - beginners and veterans.   

 It makes a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays and overseas friends and family.  It is spiral bound like "Soups and Salads" - also still for sale, as is “Table Manna”.

‘B’tei avon’ - Good appetite to one and all!

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