When I heard Nina Zuck, co-chair of ESRA National, say at a branch meeting in February that “membership is the life-blood of ESRA”, it struck a chord, and started me thinking how we, in Modiin, could make membership more attractive and what we could do that would encourage more people to join. While it is true that our membership had more than doubled in the past year, numbers were still not as high as hoped.

As a regular swimmer in our local Holmes Place, I have a good hour to think every day while I plough through the water. And thus shortly thereafter during one of my swims, the word “membershop” popped into my head, a play on words that might intrigue, and a unique name that might actually take off. Membershop Perks in Modiin was born – a new initiative to ask local businesses and services to give back to our community through significant reductions to ESRA members. A win-win situation if ever there was, which would simultaneously raise awareness about ESRA.

Over the ensuing two months, Jackie Klein, my co-chair in Modiin and Zvi Fink, chair of our fundraising committee, and I approached one shop after another and one restaurant after another, as well as big fish like Holmes Place and Heichal Hatarbut. And the list of participants grew. Some owners said no outright, some had to think about it, but most were forthcoming with immediate and affirmative responses.

By the beginning of May 2011, Membershop Perks had a list of 25 participants who offered reductions of between 5% and 40% to ESRA members. In addition, each participating business agreed to place ESRA logo stickers in their windows or stores which would be easily recognizable by members. Even the ‘o’ in membershop was transformed into a smiley to further highlight the 'punny' name. Now it remains to be seen if our efforts will bear fruit and whether these additional perks might prove to be the proverbial carrot to increased membership. We certainly hope so – to the benefit of all.


Cynthia Barmor is Co-Chair of ESRA Modiin.


Membershop Perks


Listing of Participants: May 2011


  • Upon presentation of ESRA cards and ID
  • Max. 5 people per family
  • ESRA Logos in windows, or displayed inside



Esrabooks, Second Hand Heb/Eng Bookshop, Azrielli Mall – 10%.

Tel: 08 634 6528


Zvi Fink, Licensed Real Estate Agent – 25% on sale/purchase commissions.

Tel: 052 245 6182


Goldfus Insurance, Ligad (Chaim, Danny) – free advice; 10% discount on Car & Home insurance and special discounts on health and long term care cover.

Tel: 02 561 2223 (linked to Modiin), www.goldfus-ins.co.il


Heichal Hatarbut, Emek Dotan (Nava Shimoni) – 10%-40% on single tickets and subscriptions. Tel: 08 973 7330


Holmes Place, Emek Dotan (Itai) - 1 week’s free entry to prospective members (not valid July - Sept); special reductions for family, couples and singles subscriptions 7%-14%. Tel: 08 973 3008


Lior Shemer Furniture, Shilat (Nava, Lior) - 10% discount on cash sales (payment in 2 checks); 5% on credit cards; nothing on special offers.

Tel: 08 976 2004; www.lior-shemer.co.il; lior@lior-shemer.co.il


Otiyot, Educational Evaluations and Remedial Teaching, 60 Nahal Zohar

(Sigal Tamari) – 5%-10%. Tel: 08 926 2605


Edery Printers, Azrielli Mall, 1st parking level (Asher) – 10%.

Tel: 052 730 0707, www.edery.co.il; g@edery.co.il


Maccabis, Maccabim (Yisrael) ready-made foods, catering  – 7%.

Tel: 052 823 0177, israelashke@gmail.com; www.maccabis.co.il


Eretz Nehederet, (Uri), Hamelachot Street, Einav Shopping Area (Yishpro) above Green – 1+1. Tel: 054 478 1055


Ristretto Restaurant, Solomon Center (Shai Sanduri) – 7%.

Tel: 08 926 8101


Omanut Framers, Shilat (Rami Shviki) - 10%.

Tel: 08 974 0024


The Bike Shop, Shilat, next to Shum V'Pilpel (Liat) - 7% on bikes, accessories

and repairs. Tel: 08 928 6025


Shum Pilpel, Shilat, next to Bike Shop (Yo’av) - 5%.

Tel: 08 976 3888


Nairobi Nursery, Shilat (Dudu) - 10%.

Tel: 08 974 7877


Idan Bar Hairdressers, 80 Emek HaEla, Lev HaEla Mall - 10%.

Tel: 08 926 6311


Kapulsky Coffee Shop & Restaurant, 80 Emek HaEla, Lev HaEla Mall -10%.

Tel: 08 926 5873


Avner Milshtein Holistic Therapy, 77 Nahar Hayarden - 10% -25%.

Tel: 050 987 5750; milavner@012.net.il


Angelos Restaurant, Heichal Hatarbut (Sigal) – 10%. Tel: 08 926 8180; www.angelocafe.co.il


Felafel Kaiser, Kaiser Center, Emek Zvulun – One serving 10 shekels incl. lemonade instead of 14 shekels; 10% on rest of menu.


Giant Pizza, Country Center – 10%.

Tel: 1 700 70 79 80


Klik Center Photography, Modiin Center (Avi) – 10%.

Tel: 052 814 4466


Coffee Place at Holmes Place (Shoshi) – 10%. Tel: 054 534 3448 shoshi_goldberg@walla.com


Darren Tannenwald, Reflexology & Massage, 51/6 Yigael Yadin  (Dimri)– 10%.

Tel: 077 549 2774


Meirav Decorative Cakes, 50 Tchelet – 10%. Tel: 050 423 3913, www.meiravcakes.com; meiravd3@walla.com


Eden Face and Nails, 51/2 Yigal Yadin, Dimri, (Shulamit David) – 10%. Tel: 054 652 0642, edenfaceandnails@gmail.com



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