The recently inaugurated "Portal Mental Health in Israel" is a comprehensive information center on mental health in the country and the world. This innovative site is user-friendly and offers numerous topics.

Its aims are:

  • To give access to mental health knowledge to all interested parties, caregivers and families.
  • To improve the quality of life of consumers and their families.
  • To promote the knowledge accumulated in Israel and the world on mental health in the various systems of various kinds.

Its target population includes caregivers, professionals, academics, mentally ill people and their families and the public at large. Information and database operations are available to all. The new technologies used in the website allow for access to the latest information and innovations in the field of mental health for the professionals who treat patients and their families, researchers and organizations that help or provide services.

The mentally ill population needs help in many areas: medical, social, community, employment, housing, services available, rights, and other areas of life including how to cope with the hostile views and stigma expressed by the general public.

The Portal is interactive, exposing issues of mental health, giving lectures, posters, online learning and newsworthy information from around the world .It connects academia and practice employees through online learning and frontal lectures.

The Portal hopes that through its database operations it will significantly contribute to a breakthrough in the field of mental health in Israel. It will also strengthen cooperation amongst all parties involved in the fields of mental health in Israel.

For information call 052 312 1314 David Harnick, the manager of the portal, or email siim@zahav.net.il 


Dr Amir Shwartz is the professional counselor of the Portal.

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