The cover of Rosemary Levin's book "Cry Tomorrow: A Memoir"

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§ On your daughter
Yana & Allon Sinai

§ On your son
Debbie & Johnny French on Jacob Yisroel

§ On your granddaughter
Adele & Michael Hunter on Eliya

§ On your grandson
Rhoda & Bernie Goodman on Jacob Yisroel
Carol & Ben Novis on Daniel

§ On your grandsons
Lydia Aisenberg

§On your great grandson
Meira & Jack Applebaum
Lenore & Herb Hahn, on Yoav


§ On your grandson
Lynn Adler, on Guy
Ziona Agulnick, on Ariel Ben David
Barbara & Harry Lipchin on Nadiv
Debbie & Shalom Shwartzberg


§ On your son
Sheli & Lior Angel, on Nimrod to Shai Gabay
Marian & Laurence Lebor, on Jonty to Dez Rosenblum
Emma & Richard Rinberg

§ On your grandson
Esme & Jack Rabin, on Oded to Tamar


§ On your daughter
Hilary & Dave Kaplan, on Dana

§ On your son
Yonit & Yisrael Gurfinkel            on Daniel to Hodaya

§ On your granddaughter
Harriet & Norman Eisenberg
Lynette & Matthew Karp 
Debby & Myron Lieberman, on Tamar Sally Flieder
Betty & Ed Wolfe, on Avital to Tomer

§ On your grandson
Glenis & Lawrence Bertfield, on Adi to Tehila
Becky Marock


Judah Terry Harriet
Eisenberg | 80th
Cecily Hanson | 70th
Ruth Lapan | 100th
Jean Levin | 100th
Averil Shulman | 70th
Moshe Zuckerman | 75th


§ On your husband

Hilary Berson, on Harry
Isabelle Jaffe, on Abe
Vivien Lehrer, on Alan

§ On your wife
Meir Hurwitz, on Ghita

§ On your father
Asaf, Gadi & Idit Teperson, on David
Sharyn Weizman

§ On your mother
Glenda Ellis, Adrian Taylor & Susan Weil, on Rhebe Taylor
Judy Hillman & Ruth Rurka, on Hélène Stalbow
Barbara Kliner
Shula Kopf, on Irene Nussbaum
Ilana Mocatta, on Zipporah Segal

§ On your sister
Morrie Bode
Becky Marock


Doreen Mirvish Bahiri on 50 years of Dervish gallery, which you and your sister Miriam opened in Safed and later moved to Tel Aviv.

Rosemary Levin on the publication on Amazon of Cry Tomorrow, your memoirs of living life from a wheelchair for 55 years as a tetraplegic.

Adele & Michael Hunter on Eliya
Janice & Henry Sinai
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rosemary levin
My very warmest thanks ESRA for your kind congratulations on the publishing of my book 'Cry Tomorrow' on Amazon Kindle! Best wishes, Sincerely, Rosemary Levin

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