Aliza Shapiro - new Oleh from London (taken on her 90th birthday)

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We mourn the tragic murder in Istanbul of Avraham Goldman from Ramat Hasharon and Jonathan Shor from Tel Aviv, both former citizens of the United States.


Aliza Shapiro | London


§ Herzliya
Carol Kark

§ Shoresh
Shirley and Charles Smith


§ On your granddaughter
Carol Cook
Sarah & Dudley
Kessel, on Noam
Hazel & Danny Perez on Gabriella 

§On your grandson
Marlyn & Larry
Butchins, on Tsuf Mikhael
Gert Goldstein
Janine & Danny Gelley
Eli & Hindy Lederman

§On your great-granddaughter
Cynthia & Stanley Shapiro
Shirley & Charles
Smith, on Esther
Betty & Ed Wolfe

§ On your great-grandson
Lila Cohen, on Rona
Lenore & Herb Hahn, on Sarai


§ On your granddaughter
Bess & Eddie Hoffman

§ On your grandson
Judy Copeland, on
Joyce & Issy Epstein,
on Dylan
Ruth Taylor, on Joel


Eve Donner | 93rd
Zena Posner | 80th
Baruch Tanaman | 70th
Pat Zuckerman | 70th
Aliza Shapiro | 90th


§ On your son
Nina & Marvyn Zuck, on Avi to Tal

§ On your grandson
Bess & Eddie Hoffman


Simmy & Dorothy Friedman | 60th


§ On your wife
Hillel Bloomberg, on Zippora
Ian Kemp, on June

§ On your husband
Harriet Eisenberg, on Norman
Debsy Goshen, on Dave
Tessa Swade, on Sam Zebba

§ On your mother
Rachel & David Laniado, on Miriam
Shari Mendes, on Vera Greenwald
Tessa Zadok, on Miriam Apter

§ On your son
Stella & David Padeh, on Ilan

§ On your sister
Tova Bloomberg, on Zippora

§ Family/Friends of
Yvette Drucker
Eva Goldstein
Arlene Lungen
Linda Marcus
Rita Mark
Becky Sheiba
Nadine Shifrin
Ruth Lapan | 100th

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