Winners of the B’nai B’rith Award for Journalism 2016: (left) Allison Kaplan Sommer (Haaretz) and (right) Amanda Borshel-Dan (Times of Israel) with Yaakov Ahimeir, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award.




Adele & Michael Hunter
Val & Bobby Kantor
Marian & Lawrence Lebor


On your daughter

Ilana & Matthew Lipman
On your granddaughter
Judy & Neil Kaye
Carol Lipman
Judy & Menachem Shapiro, on
Aviyah Esther Leah
On your grandson
Sally & Richard Halon, Norma &
Stanley Rudnick, on Eilon
Jacqui & Hilton Loon
Yaffa & Danny Yaakobi, on Noam
Joan Weisman
On your great granddaughter
Lenore & Herb Hahn, on Ella
On your great grandson
Ralph Brest, on Eilon
Flori Cohen
Vivien Lehrer
Becky Marock



On your grandson

Blanche Blumberg
Adele & Michael Hunter, on
Ruth & Eric Sobol, on Ori
On your son
Pnina & Danny Angel, on Yair
On your grandson
Lilyrose Michalowsky


Jennifer Bruce & Stuart Razin

On your daughter
Phillipa & Ilan Blatt, on Sharon to
Tal Cohen
On your son
Vicky & Jonathan Caplin, on
Eitan to Rachel
Rennie & Ze'ev Rafaely, on David
to Lili
On your grandson
Katharina Manobla


Betty Kazin-Rosenbaum | 75th


Maddy Levine

Eric Rubin



ESRA extends our deepest sympathies to the families of:

Sadie Hirschkowitz, mother of

Mervyn, Nathan & Roz
Bennett Levine, husband of
Rita & Alec Chadowitz, in-laws
of Leah Esterson
Joanne Goldstein, daughter of
Wendy and Phil Goldstein
Helen Levin, mother of Denise
Ronah Lewis, partner of Israel
Joy Pasvolsky
Janie Segall


Nitzan Krivine, ESRA Magazine's

advertisement designer, & Shy
Golan, for winning Israel TV's
first Bake Off contest.
Amanda Borschel-Dan, the
Times of Israel’s Jewish World
editor, and Allison Kaplan
Sommer, staff writer at Haaretz,
for being awarded The B’nai
B’rith World Center Award for
Journalism 2016 in the name of
the late Wolf and Hilda Matsdorf
for their articles on Diaspora
communities and Israel-Diaspora
relations published during 2015.



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