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Send in your Milestones to


On your granddaughter
Cecily & Avram Hanson

On your grandson
Marlene & Colin Shifrin

On your great-grandson
Linda & Jeffrey Lewis, on Yosef Chaim


On your grandson
Bebe Feldman, on Adir
Lucy & Franklin Plein, on Adir


On your son
Chana Tannenbaum

On your granddaughter
Rhona & Eric Berzack

ChaFreda Lanesman


On your daughter
Yonit & Yisrael Gurfinkel, on Roni to Roi
Marlene & Colin Shifrin

On your granddaughter
Glenis & Lawrence Bertfield, on Sivan to Arieh
Susan & Pincus Kurnedz on Eliana to Tamir


Evelynne & Hershell Goldman | 50th


Benny Barolsky | 86th
Glenis Bertfield | 70th
Shmuel Herold | 70th
Pincus Kurnedz | 90th
Eric Rubin | 70th
Toni Ziv | 70th 


Janet Kiesari


ESRA extends our deepest 
sympathies to the families of:

Jack Dash
Morris Galgut
Sylvia Ginsberg, sister of Channi Hurwitz 
Iva (Ariel) Goldman, brother of Hershell Goldman
Carol Kark
John Kliger, husband of Sandy
Helene Magid Halle, mother of Daphne, Joy and Shari
Gloria Mound
Norma Liffchak, wife of Norman
Helen Price
Steven (Shimon) Rabin, son of Esme & Jack Rabin, husband of Michal, father of Boaz, Oded & Omer
Jimmy Rabinowitz, husband of Tamar
Peter Reich, husband of Viviane
Daphne Rhodes, mother of Caroline Ben Ari
Doreen Rosen
Shirley (Dolly) Rosenberg
Zummy Saitowitz, husband of Sheila, father of Glen, Michael (Teddy), Warren and Jonathan
Rafi Tamari, husband of Anita
Joan Weisman, mother of Bracha and Elana
Elsie Yudelman, mother of David Yudelman, Debra Farbey and Myra Olswang, and sister of Lola Bar-Nes and Geoff Todes 

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