Sadie Cooperman at her 101st birthday celebration

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Send in your Milestones to


Lenore & Herb Hahn

Ramat Gan
David Rhodes


On your son
Rachel & Lior Rinberg-Shuri

On your daughter
Arielle & Yosef Stefansky

On your granddaughter
Helen & Jacob Berman
Debby & Jeffrey Brooks, on Yuval
Razel & Jonathan Rabinowitz 

On your grandson
Blanche Blumberg
Emma & Richard Rinberg

On your grandson
Marjorie Glick
Betty & Ed Wolfe (4 great grandsons) born to granddaughters Avital, Ayla & Noa (twins)

On your great granddaughter 
Pat & Morrie Basker
Judy Hurwitz, on Lian

ChaFreda Lanesman


On your grandson
Annette & Morris Bode Vera & Joey Freudmann, on Noam 

On your granddaughter 
Vera & Joey Freudmann, on Lia Polak


On your daughter
Cheryl & Graeme Liebson, on Talia to Oz Rubin 

On your granddaughter
Judy Copeland, on Matar to Yisrael 


On your granddaughter
Freda Lanesman
Betty & Ed Wolfe, on Sapir to Yagale 

On your grandson
Freda Lanesman
Lilyrose Michalowsky


Vera & Joey Freudmann | 50th 


Blanche Blumberg | 75th 
David Chester | 80th
Carol Cook
Sadie Cooperman | 101st 
Yossi David | 60th
Doreen Gainsford | 80th
Janet Kiesari | 70th
Madeleine Judith Schwarcz | 60th 
David Shulman 
Jackie Shulman 
Esther Tolkin


Leah Esters 
Val Kantor 
Gita Sterenson 


ESRA extends our deepest 
sympathies to the families of:

Judy Dattner
Leslie Feuer, husband of Tina, father of Mike & Jeff
Morris Galgut
Avi Grant, husband of Barbara
Burton Green
Jeanette Hersch, sister of Morris Kahn 

Ros Hurwitz, wife of Jock
Myra Hilary Kowarsky, mother of Hugh, John, & Margaret Porat 
Morrie Levine 
Molly Rabkin, wife of Harold

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