Israeli President Reuven Rivlin honors Smoky Simon for his 24 years of services to the Menachem Begin Heritage.

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Helen and Victor Hirsch celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary with their family.

Send in your Milestones to

Nancy Kramer, Yori Yanover &
Yarden Yanover



Nancy Kramer, Yori Yanover & Yarden Yanover

On your 2 grandchildren
Jenny & Joe Barbasch

On your 1st grandchild
Bebe & Laurence Jacobs

On your granddaughter
Phillipa & Ilan Blatt on Shay-Lee
Jennia & Dan Chodorov
Yonit and Yisrael Gurfinkel
Gill & Philip Jerichower
Susan & Shmuel Herold, on Noga
Nadine & Izzy Peimer

On your grandson
Keely & Meir Marock, on Gavriel
Patty & Micha Putterman, on Max

On your twin granddaughters/great granddaughters
Sally & Richard Halon, & Ralph Brest, on Naama & Dafna

On your great grandchildren
Ruth & Henry Shakenovsky, on Abigail & Nadav
On your great grandson
Becky Marock, on Gavriel


On your granddaughter
Jackie & David Shulman

On your grandson
Edith Dinar Doreen & Willie Malkinson, on Neriya Chatuka
Elizabeth Levi Senigaglia, on Eitan ben Michal


On your granddaughter
Lilyrose Michalowsky
Cynthia & Stanley Shapiro

On your grandson
Pat & Cecil Breiter

Anne Downing & Laurence Bruce
Cheryl & Graham Liebson, on Talia to Oz

Annette & Morrie Bode | 60th
Helen & Victor Hirsch | 65th
Sue & Rodney Lever | 50th

Annette Bode | 80th
Monty Groundland | 95th
Helen Hirsch | 85th

Aggie van der Laan | 90th
Jane Shalev | 70th
Cyril Solk | 100th
Zamir Ziv | 80th


ESRA extends our deepest sympathies to the families of:

Hazel Agami, mother of Anat
Judy Amit
Harvey Burton, husband of Frances
Ellen Carlebach
Lila Cohen, mother of Anat & David 

Jock Falkson, father of Sharon Bacher
Bryna Franklin
Gordon Futeran, husband of Ricky
Ezekiel Gahtan, husband of June
Geoffrey Israel, husband of Tamara
Merle Jankelowitz, wife of Harold, sister of Dolores Essakov,
sister-in-law of Luba Zuk 

Pincus Kurnedz, husband of Susan, father of Jeremy, Simone and Danielle
Bobbi Maisel
Omri Rabin, son of Claire & Yossi
Gerald Rapport, husband of Mimi
Jay Rosen, husband of Maureen, father of Dani, Yonit & Keren

Sheilla Shalekoff, twin sister of Jean Ullman
Marvin Shapiro, partner of Jackie Schachter
Bobsy Solomon, wife of Monty

Rabbi Ervin Birnbaum of Netanya on your
award of "עשה לך רב" at the 40th Anniversary Celebration
of the Masorti Movement in Israel.

Smoky Simon on being honored by President Rivlin for your
24 years' service as Honorary Treasurer of the Menachem Begin
Heritage Foundation, and for being one of the Founders of the Menachem Begin Heritage.
And also for being presented with an
Award of Recognition by the Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman,
for your role as Chairman of World Machal (1948-49), and for your contribution to Israel's security. 

Guy Zuckerman on your new position as Marketing Director, APAC at Taboola Careers.

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