Luba Zuk celebrating her 80th birthday

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Alla Kabacznik | Netanya
Dalia Sinclair | Netanya
Sharon & Richard Steel  |Netanya


Beit Shemesh
Judy Frankel

Janet Kiesari


On your daughter
Elinor & Lior Katz, on Elliot

On your granddaughter
Esther Behrman, on Emily
Shuli & Neil Corney
Joyce & Joel Katz, on Elliot
Caroline and Marc Low
Lynn & Michael Sacks
(2 granddaughters)

On your grandson
Agnes Ben David
Lynn & Michael Sacks


On your son
Ellen & Emanuel Kronitz, on Arye to Aviva


On your daughter
Riva & Cecil Migdal, on Yael Batya to Michael


Ruth & Wally Rechtschaffen | 50th


Inge David | 90th
Mike Gal | 102nd
Luba Zuk | 80th


On your grandson
Rennie & Ze’ev Rafaely, on Shai Mizrachi


ESRA extends our deepest sympathies to the families of: 
Eitan Ben David, husband of Agnes

Hazel Franco nee Middeldorf, wife of late Gen Franco Claire Kaganov, mother of RoniGreenbaum
John Katten, husband of Brenda

Samuel Goldman, father of Razel Rabinowitz
Hymie Snippelisky

Ralph Brest | 90th
Hannah Bloch | 75th
Issie Epstein | 80th
Maureen Finn | 75th
Joe Hallis | 75th
Rennie Rafaely | 80th
Ruth Rechtschaffen | 70th
Bert Tenzer | 90th


Pnina Moed Kass on your book,
“Berale, Berale, Tseh Achutzah
(Berale, Berale, Come Outside)
Keter Publishing” being chosen
as one of 70 Best Children’s
Classic Hebrew Books written
in Israel over the last seventy years.
Written in 1985, it is the
first in the Berale series of ten
children’s books written to date

Arriving at Ben Gurion airport, is Alla
Kabacznik, born in Poland, who
emigrated to Canada where
she lived for 60 years and, at
the age of 84, made aliyah to be
with her daughter, Irene Oliel
(left), and her grandchildren.

Luba Zuk celebrated her 80th birthday
with a party at her sister Irene and
brother-in-law Benzie's home on
Kibbutz Tzora. Pictured in the photo
are Shonie and Neta, her grandchildren
from America, together with Luba's
siblings and spouses, their children and grandchildren who all made the day a joyous one. 
Bank Leumi at Kikar Rabin branch,
Tel Aviv, 
was so excited that Mike Gal, who had been their client for over 60 years, was celebrating his 102nd birthday, that they celebrated with him and his wife Bracha, to whom he has been married for over 68 years,
in the bank with 
a special party. They presented Mike with a special certificate which said that he was an example of stability, an inspiration for all.

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