In spite of the heat, I was off to Jerusalem for the Mormon University concert on August 2, arranged by ESRA – and the bus was actually making a stop in Tel aviv too. It was a lovely drive: you could feel the air getting cooler and the scenery in the setting sun was a beautiful sight.

We arrived at the Mormon University with it’s beautiful building and gardens but the auditorium was filling up so I went to find a seat. The concerts are free and the audience makes donations if they wish and I was amazed to learn how many people were on ‘standby’ – we were a full house. The hall was decorated in light wood, the rows were spacious (so that I could stretch out my long legs) and the seats were so somfortable. But the best was the back wall which is actually made of glass, with Jerusalem in front of you, changing from twilight to evening with all the lights appearing – what a backdrop.

The concert was given by a trio – two /Israeli musicians and anther originally from Latvia. They played pieces by Mozart and Brahms and were enthusiastically received, even treating us to an encore.

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