The Netanya Willing Hands organization was established in the 1970s and it is still active today. It has twice been a recipient of the Netanya Municipality Outstanding Volunteer Award, the last in 2017.

Over the years the group has given substantial financial assistance to hundreds of clients referred by social workers like myself. The vast majority of “welfare” clients seek material assistance to alleviate their poverty and they look to the local municipal social services for help but are frequently met with rejection because of inadequate budgets or ineligibility.  Furthermore, welfare organizations outside the government or the local authority are few in number and often restrictive and red-taped in practice. It is therefore a godsend to find a group like Netanya Willing Hands which will answer any request on its merits, generously, quickly and with a minimum of fuss and rigmarole.

The current co-chairs are Adrienne Arnold and Marilyn Marks. For further details please contact Adrienne through her email

Colin Keyes, Social Worker
Tel: 054 733 1943

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