Need a new-style senior citizen card? Then here’s what you have to do

The advantage of the new card is that it’s read electronically whenever you need to use it and acts as an ID card for any purpose. This is especially useful when you use your card at the cinema. No need for them to hand-copy all your data. The computer just scans the card.

Here’s how to do it: First, dial 02 654 7025

The call is answered after 2 rings. (It’s best to call early before the operators get too busy or just before 14.00.)

You say:  “I’d like a new card for senior citizens with a picture.”

אני מבקש/ת כרטיס חדש לאזרח ותיק עם תמונה"”   [Ani mevakesh/et kartis chadash le’ezrach vatik im tmunah.”]

The operator will ask if you have a driving license (because the photo comes from the Licensing Department) and when you say yes, you’ll be asked for your ID number and mobile phone number and told that they will send  an SMS to your phone. The SMS will be sent  immediately under the heading Ezrach Vatik  (so you can’t miss it as it’s in English!).

Don’t worry about reading what it says (It’s simply authorizing the Licensing Department to allow your photograph to be used).

Just click on the black text below the blue link.

Then click onאישור . When the next page opens, click on סיום .

And Bob’s your uncle!

Enjoy your senior status.

Submitted by Lola Katz who recently completed the procedure herself.

Postnote: "I am pleased to report", writes Lola, that "it does work even though it takes about two months to process".

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And if you don't have a driver's license?

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