When ESRA introduced the renewed website (http://www.esra.org.il/) last year one of the main features was the ability to book and pay for events directly online. The idea was to make it simple to use for everybody and to streamline the flow of information within our own computer systems.

The online booking has proven amazingly successful with members and non-members alike with thousands of bookings being made in the first six months of operation and many of the branches taking advantage of the service for their local events.

In order to book for an event online simply click on the ‘Register’ button below the event and it will lead you to the following page:

When the mobile phone number or the email address is entered, the system will automatically identify members and non-members and indicate the appropriate charge. When the ‘Register and Payment’ button is clicked you will automatically be forwarded to a completely secure website where you can enter credit card details and complete the registration and payment:

Once the credit card information is entered and ‘Pay Now’ is clicked a receipt will be sent to your email address and your booking for the event will automatically be entered into ESRA’s computer systems. No record is kept of any credit card numbers.

Exactly the same process takes place if you decide to register for an event directly from a mail shot or from ESRA’s Weekly Activities email.

New membership or renewal of membership can also be done from the website in the same way and for Donations a tax allowable receipt is sent directly by email.

The great advantage is that bookings are immediately confirmed and a receipt automatically generated so there is nothing to do at the event itself. It saves time for you, for the ESRA Booking Office and for our accounting staff, so everybody benefits and it really is so simple to use.

If you have not used the online booking facility then why not give it a try? It really is so simple to use and everybody benefits.

By Terry Morris, Vice-Chair, ESRA

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