Reflections of Modiin . . . Shenhav Tannenwald’s photo

ESRA Magazine recently ran a 2018 Photo Contest which was open to all youngsters. The smartphone might have usurped the 35mm DSLR in the 21st century, but quality and composition has certainly not been compromised. Thank you warmly to our entrants – you’re all winners in our book! The five winners are:  

Shenhav Tannenwald, 14, of Modiin, told us:  Since I can remember I’ve been taught by the people closest to me to always look at the glass half full, to look at things from another perspective. This was the lesson behind my photo, taken close to my house. The city is of Modiin, the city I call home, explained Shenhav, of her picture alongside. On the opposite page we have an entry from Adi Vatine, aged just 9, of Hannaton, called – appropriately –  I Spy .

Another entrant is Hila Leah De Paz, 14, of Kfar Yona. Of her flower picture she says:  I was supposed to go on a trip that was cancelled because of rain, so I decided to walk home. I was surprised by the sudden rain that I thought was the last for this year. I felt so excited looking at the colors and the raindrops on the flowers. I also think that seeing the fully-open flower and the one waiting to open shows that there is continuation. 

Flowers was also the subject of an entry by Wisam Milad Hallak, who was 17 when he took his shot. He told us:  I live in a small village in the upper Galilee and we are surrounded with many fascinating views. Whenever I see these views I take my camera and take shots. one of my favorite scenes is taking pictures zoomed in of flowers and bugs.   

The last entry is from 12-year-old Rotem Vatine, who lives in Hannaton. He entitled his picture of a bunch of hanging keys Welcome Home. Each of the entrants whose photos are on these pages will receive a prize: ■ Shenhav and Hila will each receive a learning session, one with Sarah Raanan  Photography and the other with Derech Zilum – Photography School.

■ Adi will receive a Wiz Kids gift voucher worth NIS 150.

■ Rotem will receive a NIS 150 gift voucher from Held Photographic Store.

■ Wisam will have a photography lesson with Tom Langford, a professional photographer and teacher from the UK.


Above Left: Adi Vatine’s eye-catching I Spy.  Right: Hila Leah De Paz flower photo and Welcome Home by Rotem Vatine..  Below : The entry from Wisam Milad Hallak 





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