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The ESRA Photography Group was created as the result of a suggestion by ESRA Vice Chair Adele Hunter who said, 'don't demand, do it.' So we did. Photography groups, or camera clubs, generally exist where there is a public with the time to engage in creative hobbies. The south Sharon is such a place, and in this era of the digital camera and the laptop computer, photography is cheaper than it has ever been.

The people who first responded to an announcement heralding the creation of the group were mainly small camera owners looking for guidance, but in time the group developed a core of regular members ranging across a wider spectrum of interest. Some were already vastly experienced and produced near professional standard work. Others were owners of a recently acquired digital camera, and needed help in understanding its use. Such members are often surprised to discover that they now have in their hands a potent instrument, not only for recording the first smiles of their grandchildren, but also for creating artistic images which can please a wider audience.

Left and middle: By Fredy Ross                                Right: By Ariel Kerem 

Participation in meetings, which usually take place on the last Thursday of the month at Beit Fisher in Raanana, varies from about eight to twenty, but is based on a hard core or five or six regulars. Most, but not all, are from an Anglo background. Meetings are conducted in English. Members come from various walks of life and there is no one dominant occupation, not even that of full time pensioner. "Voluntary contributions" of 25 shekels per person are collected at each meeting.

The group tries to deal with subjects of common interest. Thus, for example, because most people have digital cameras, there is much discussion of digital photography. As digital photographs are usually developed and printed at home with the use of a computer, there is also much discussion of imaging software and programs such as Photoshop.

We generally try to have a guest lecturer at our meetings. They have dealt with topics such as international photo competitions, portrait photography, photographic composition, and software such as the program Photoshop. Occasionally we also go out as a group on a "photoshoot" to look at a particularly interesting or photogenic site such as the Old Town of Jaffa or the Tel Aviv Port area.

A part of each meeting is devoted to viewing and discussing our own photographs. Participants are encouraged to use their cameras and bring the results for viewing and discussion at every meeting of the group.

Plans for the coming year include more photoshoots, exhibition of photographs for sale, and continuing exploration and discussion of imaging software and any other interesting topics which participants propose.

For further information call:

Ariel Kerem

09 772 4497

or email: arielkerem @yahoo.com


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