The Kohn family, Hanna and Paul, with their four young children and the au-pair, Karen, in London

April 2, 2018

Karen's message

I read the article in ESRAmagazine re Mr Paul Kohn. When Paul and Hanna Kohn lived in London I was their nanny for their children Danny, Leli, Rafi and Galia. 

I realize Paul and Hanna have sadly passed away but I would love to get in touch with the children to see how they are.  I do hope that you can help as it would be lovely to speak to them all again.

Karen Griffin (Mrs), Nottingham, England

Leli's reply

We were very excited to get your mail, Merle, and the following day we gathered together on a conference call with Karen - myself, Dandan, Rafi, and Galia.

We had a wonderful chat with Karen who brought up memories from our late parents Paul and Hanna.

Thank you very much for connecting us.

Leli Goldstein (nee Kohn)

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