Joseph Gitler speaking in Modiin

I was at the Food Forum that took place last March in Modiin and I am dismayed to read the article printed in ESRAmagazine 200, where the contribution of Joseph Gitler of Leket, Israel's National Food Bank, was only mentioned in passing.

Gitler’s message was clear. The organization he established has grown tremendously and today is a fine example of helping the poor and needy, here in Israel. He gave us impressive statistics about the work of Leket, and about Leket's unceasing meal rescue, gleaning and provision activities.

He asked the audience to please spread the word of what Leket does to the wider public. This request isn’t mentioned in the article. The ESRAmagazine would have been a perfect means of spreading the word, but the person who wrote the report, ignored Joseph Gitler’s input to the forum. What a great let down to the needy and hungry here at home in Israel, who rely on Leket to provide them with food to feed their families.

Marion Stone

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