Modiin knitters make the handover to a hospital staff member

The ladies of ESRA Modiin’s Knitting and Crocheting Circle are truly gifted and creative. With their latest objective targeted – the children hospitalized at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petach Tikva – they crafted a beautiful array of colorful hats, booties, scarves, blankets and dolls for distribution to the kids.  

At the beginning of June, representatives of the knitting-group headed by Rhona Berzack and Bev Rockman, arrived at the hospital and were greeted by Ronit Singer, Director of External Affairs at Schneider. After viewing a video about the hospital, they visited the Oncology and Neonatology departments to distribute knitted gifts to the children. The initial looks askance turned to smiles of joy when the children received their presents -  not to mention the delight of the parents and staff. 

Prof. Gil Klinger, Director of the Neonatology Department, thanked the knitters and added, “you are our only resource for these important items. The small hats especially are crucial to maintain the body-heat of these tiny infants.”  

ESRA Modiin’s Knitting and Crocheting Circle started just a year ago, and already the popular activity has generated hundreds of gorgeous articles for the children at Neve ESRA, lone soldiers, and now the children at Schneider and Ichilov hospitals. In addition, sales of their handiwork at various venues have generated a considerable sum of money.

Photo: Cynthia Barmor

What do you pack when you go on vacation? The right clothes for all weathers and a couple of good books are musts.

When Evelynne Cherney (left) and Bev Rockman, members of the Modiin knitters, went for a break to Croatia, they made sure that plenty wool and needles had priority in their suitcases so they could continue knitting for good causes when they had time to spare.

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