Left:Shirley Hirsch’s stallion painting
Right: Michelle Elliot riding at the Jockey Club in Kfar Shmaryahu

I look at the beautiful painting of a white stallion cantering through a field of grass hanging on my wall. When I look at it, it takes me back to very happy times. The painting was gifted to me from Shirley Hirsch in September 1989 when I left the Jockey Club in Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel. A place I worked at for three years as head girl. A time I treasure in my heart. The people there I still talk about. I loved them including Shirley to this day. In a photo I have she is kissing her beloved Pandora, a beautiful mare. I was lucky enough to have ridden her, a dream. I have lost touch with everyone, but I have memories that will last forever. I have never forgotten anyone. Especially Shirley - she was a force to behold, to stand up to and beside.

From Mish Mish (my nickname at the Club)

Michelle Elliott, St Albans, Hertforshire, UK

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Michelle Elliott

Mish Mish is my nickname at the Club

St Albans, Hertforshire, UK



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