Being on the sidewalk will be no safer than travelling in a car

While I have every sympathy with Linda Gill (ESRAmagazine 199 - “Bad Israeli Drivers”), she must realize that while everything she says is true, there is no possibility of anything being done about it.

The situation on what are laughingly called sidewalks is even worse. At least Linda has the protection of a metal vehicle. On the pavements, both the elderly and toddlers are at constant risk from bicycles, electric bicycles, motorized scooters,  etc. driven with all the care and consideration that motorists show towards the safety of others, i.e., none.

In the UK, recently a teenager caught riding an electric bike on the pavement was not only fined, but had points deducted from his future driving license, when he is old enough to be given one. This is what a determined action looks like.

There is no possibility of any firm action being taken here, and even less of any legislation being enforced. Linda was wise to give up driving, but it is questionable whether she will be much safer on the sidewalk.

Jeffrey Soester

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