The British Ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, with ESRA students  Photo: Courtesy of the British Embassy

It was a glorious spring day when a number of organizations, raising funds to help others, were invited by the British Ambassador, David Quarrey, to participate in “The Spring Fair” which he hosted at his residence in Ramat Gan.

ESRA was privileged to man a stand selling our Ethiopian goods – some hand-embroidered articles plus our attractive Ethiopian designed cards, Memory Keepers, cook books and other items. Also for sale wereattractive pottery pieces artistically hand-crafted and donated by Patricia Zeitlin, a long-standing good friend and supporter of ESRA. 

Sara, Jajua, Esti and Jajou– fourof the 40 studentsfromESRA’s Students Build a Community (SBC)projectmentoring some 160 children living in areas of deprivation– came along to help.   Wearing their ESRA SBC t-shirts they distributedESRA Magazines,proving to be, without doubt, ESRA’s best ambassadors.

The ESRA stand attracted many visitors – we made new members, sold our merchandise and, most important, projected the wonderful multifaceted ESRA in all that it represents.

Special thanks go to Dena Laufer, Bess Hoffman and Janet Kiesari who did a great job in setting up the stand and selling the goods.


Smile ... a trio of ESRA students

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