Written by: Shirley Cowen
Submitted by: Lorna Toube

The world was created for the living
Stop the killing now

Stop the killing
Make the fighting cease
Stop the bombing
We want to live in peace
Stop the violence
Make it all stop somehow
Stop the senseless killing now

Innocent people injured and gone
How can the living carry on?
How can we live with such fear and strife
When all we want is a peaceful life?

Stop the children throwing stones
I hope it won't happen any more
Children were not meant to fight a war

Stop the fighting
Stop the stress
We want peace and happiness

If you listen you can hear the mothers crying
for their children who are hurt and who are dying

Stop the fighting
Stop the mess
We need peace and happiness

Choose life, not death
Choose life, respect
And stop the killing now.

Stop the killing now!


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