In 1994 –1996 the ESRA Community Fund initiated and ran a project for preschoolers, aged 5-6, from Ethiopia and Russia, who were new immigrants living on the caravan site of Hatzrot Yasaf, near Acco. The project started with a summer camp and continued for two years as a daily learning center, with a hot meal, preparing the children for the first grade.

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Liz Trakeniski
Few may remember how this groundbreaking project was to become a flagship for ESRA. As one of the first NGO's to respond to the waves of immigration with creative solutions to the diverse problems and issues raised, ESRA enlisted a formidable cadre of volunteers with experience, professionalism, creativity and commitment. The result of these efforts were to be numerous models for projects which were then adopted by government ministries, local authorities and the Jewish Agency. ESRA members should take pride in our legacy of pioneering social and community development projects throughout Israel.

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