1993: A casino fundraising event organized by Teddy Edelstein

Teddy was a ball of fire. Exuberant, full of vitality, warmth, enthusiasm, and invigorating all of us with his extraordinary energies and positive thinking and doing. He was a member of our ESRA Community Fund Board for many years, what a privilege, and what exciting years we had thanks to Teddy’s amazing fundraising events.  He introduced ‘gambling’ events, casinos, which ESRAites reveled in – Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, Craps, Horse-Racing. He organized incredible BBQ’s with dancing and music, where we gorged ourselves on excellent grilled meats, salads, desserts – all catered for by our volunteers - and then we danced off the calories. Amongst the many sports he loved was bowling, and so Teddy also organized for ESRA fundraising bowling events. He sold more tickets than any other volunteer for all our fundraising events, including those he didn’t organize.

Teddy inspired me and our ECF committee with whatever events he pulled off, and we went along with him with excitement and total commitment, following his example.

I loved Teddy, and I love Marsha his wife, who was behind him in everything he did, actively helping him perform and always standing aside and giving Teddy the limelight.

Thank you Teddy for your great contribution to the ESRA Community Fund, and for enabling us to create and carry out so many projects for immigrants and disadvantaged persons in the general community.

Merle Guttmann

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