Gloria & Eddie Scott

On November 24, 2008 Eddie Scott stepped down after 13 years as organizer of the Monday ESRA Bridge Club in Raanana. He started teaching bridge in the Beit Fisher hall in Klausner Street to a group of 100 players. After three years he decided to develop a duplicate bridge club and invited all the new players and others who wished to improve their game to join. About 60 members would come and play including many who lived overseas for part of the year.

Some of these players left to play in more serious bridge clubs. In January 2005 Eddie invited all the past players to come and join in the ten year celebration. Eddie felt it was less of a club and more of a family party.

In 2004 Eddie received the ESRA Volunteer Award for establishing the ESRA Bridge Club and providing the opportunity for people to meet in a friendly atmosphere. During the course of these years he established two competitions. One was the trophy in the name of Sylvia Bernstein, who was a very keen supporter but sadly was killed in the Dizengoff Center terrorist explosion, and the other was the trophy in the name of Stuart Shalev who played regularly with his son, and which was donated by his wife Ruth.

My thanks to Eddie for all his wonderful work over all these years and of course, to his wife Gloria for providing the refreshments.

I have now taken over the running of the club for Eddie, and would be happy to answer any queries.

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