In early summer, ESRA received an order for 800 mezzuzot from Elbit Systems. We were over the moon with such a large order and a wonderful opportunity to provide lots of work for our Ethiopian embroiderers.

  The completed project was well received by the company. I was curious to know how the 800 mezzuzot were going to be used, perhaps as gifts for their employees. I was so excited to learn that each mezzuza would be placed on one of the 800 doors in their new office building in Netanya.

 Some time passed and I was asked to come with two of our embroiderers, Mulu Askes and Elana Negusa to photograph them and the mezzuzot. It was really inspiring for me and Cecily Hanson to see these beautiful items splendidly displayed.

   On September 7, we were invited to Elbit’s holiday happening to sell our goods. Joan Weisman and I went up to Haifa and Alice Marks to Netanya with her army bound granddaughter. The sales were great. We had the opportunity to meet the architect of the building who told me that most of the cleaners at the Netanya building are Ethiopian. She said they swelled with pride when they saw the mezzuzot on the doors and expressed their feelings about the fact that they grace this prestigious new building.

  We have begun what I hope will be a fine relationship with this super company and that others will follow suit.


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