From its very beginning, ESRA has been blessed with the steady support and friendship of members and donors, Dr. Jules and Perla Fox. Both Jules and Perla look back fondly on Jules’ work as a legal editor in the early editions of the ESRA MAGAZINE and Perla’s active participation in ESRA’s committee that dealt with allocations for welfare cases. Indeed, it was Perla who initiated the idea of small donations for the ESRA Immigrant Fund (later Community Fund) and the creation of the donation leaflet – which entitles donors to give a donation in honor of or in memory of a loved person – a leaflet that ESRA still uses 20 years later. Both Jules and Perla were members of the ESRA Immigrant Fund board of directors, and Jules served as its first chairperson for a few years.

Their strong feeling that their physical absence from Israel in recent years should in no way diminish their dedication to – and interest in - ESRA’s very important work is borne out by their unstinting and unwavering financial support of projects that they hold dear: the ESRA Kfar Saba After School Kindergarten Center for children from dysfunctional families and the Welfare Fund.

We are particularly grateful that they have kept ESRA in mind with an extra boost that will allow us to bolster all our projects in these uncertain financial times and for some time to come.

Thank you so much, Jules and Perla, for keeping ESRA close to your hearts.

Real Spirits of Israel!


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Ed Pizer
Hope all goes well with you - vivid memories of good old days in Israel. ED

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